Fabrictopia of Houston is Moving a Few Miles Down the Road!

Fabrictopia is moving! The new address is 2950 Fondren Road at Clarkcrest Street in Houston. This is in the vicinity of the AMC Studio 30 (on Dunvale Road) and the Target on Westheimer. The new location is between two and three miles away from the old location on Harwin Drive—less than a 10 minute drive.

Don’t worry-- the phone, fax and email are all staying the same; it’s just the location that is changing.

Fabrictopia is a growing business and the new location will better serve customers who are looking for a wide variety of fashion fabrics in vibrant colors at affordable prices.

When you’re thinking of making a dress for that special girl in your life-- your daughter, your mother, your aunt, or your friend, Fabrictopia is the place to visit to look through our assortment of heavy weight satins, as well as chiffons, laces and spandex. Is someone getting married? If so, Fabrictopia has bridal fabrics to choose from, too, including fabulous French fashion laces, as well as guipures and exquisite hand-beaded laces. We have all the fabrics that help make ladies look even more beautiful than they already are! If and when you need to add some glitz and glamour to your wardrobe, Fabrictopia is the store you should visit-- we have plenty of glitz, literally!

Of course fabrics aren’t just for ladies. Men, women, and children can all benefit from a visit to Fabrictopia to find just what they’re looking for regarding fabric pieces to mend and/or create clothing. And with fashion fabric coordinator Carmen available to give her expert advice, you’ve got a fabric ally at Fabrictopia, ready to help you choose the best fabric to meet your needs and wishes.

Fabrictopia stocks satin, sequins, organza, tissue lame, taffeta, spandex nylon, and specialty laces, such as Coco Paisley. Be inspired by what you discover in-store. Pick out perfect pieces to take home and create something fashionable!

Remember, the location may be new, but the phone number’s still the same: 713-977-0747. Come visit the new location, open weekdays 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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August 04, 2017

An Overview of Nylon Spandex

Fabrictopia of Houston, Texas, offers a wide variety of fabrics in rich colors, including satins, chiffons, laces and spandex.

If you don’t know much about spandex, here’s the main reason you’ve probably seen it in action: gym leotards. Indeed, if you go to a gym and see people working out, especially women, their leotards are typically made from nylon spandex. That said, both men and women use the fabric in a number of situations, including playing sports, cycling, dancing, swimming, and even for uniforms.

Spandex is a modern day fabric that wasn’t around in centuries past. It’s man made-- aka a “synthetic fiber,” created by researchers who wanted to invent a fabric with great elasticity. Meanwhile, it’s lightweight, supple, and comfy, so people like wearing it.

First developed in 1959, the material is unique because it’s made up of fibers that are both rubbery and rigid. This combination allows the fabric to stretch and recover as well as stay strong and durable over the long haul. It should be noted that the “spandex” fiber is always blended with something else, such as cotton or nylon.

The name spandex is related to word play about the fabric being expandable. In the 1960s, DuPont’s brand of spandex, known as Lycra, made a name for itself via women’s pantyhose and underwear. Then, in the 1980s, women started wearing spandex leggings, and celebrities like Olivia “Let’s Get Physical” Newton-John adopted the fabric as part of their performance costumes. It should be noted that spandex even goes beyond clothing uses-- it can be found in bedding and-- get this-- automotive paneling. It’s truly versatile.

Nylon spandex is primarily known as a fabric for activewear, used by people who do sports, aerobics and general exercises. It’s also found in items like skinny jeans, miniskirts, ski pants, socks, tights, wetsuits, underwear, bra cups, support hose, wrestling singlets, and compression garments. Oh… and one more: superhero outfits!

Check out the beautiful colors of nylon spandex Fabrictopia offers here: Gold, neon pink, turquoise, and the perennial favorite, black, are just some of what’s available. If you have any questions about nylon spandex, please call Fabrictopia at 713-977-0747.

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July 07, 2017

Reasons to Learn How to Sew

Too bad we can’t go back to the good old days when grandmas and moms almost universally taught their kids to sew. Before the Wal-martization of America, where anyone can now buy cheap clothing to replace anything that has lost a button or has a hole, people were much more self-reliant and had actual skills, like sewing, in their daily arsenal of life skills. Back then, it was a matter of personal pride that one could sew. Today? Not so much.

That said, what are some decent reasons to learn how to sew in the times we live in?

First, sewing can become an outlet for creativity. With sewing, a person can make things for themselves and others, and these things, whether a blanket, dress or pillowcase, allow for self-expression. There’s a certain sense of personal satisfaction in knowing “I made this!”

Next, sewing helps people save money. Rather than just throw out or donate an older piece of clothing because it’s no longer “perfect,” sewing allows a person to make that article of clothing great again. Something as simple as sewing a patch on some torn jeans costs a couple dollars to do, which is better than spending upwards of $50 on a brand new pair of jeans.

Also, if you want to create something that’s truly one-of-a-kind, sewing will get you there. For instance, say you love a certain color and fabric--You could sew an article of clothing or an accessory that features your personal preferences. Indeed, sewing opens you up to making tote bags, purses, scarves, pouches, and accessories where you get to decide the color, shape, style, and more.

By the way, if you see a dress in a movie, like the gorgeous orange one in “Under The Tuscan Sun,” and want to re-create that, then sewing can make it so. Many people sew their own version of famous dresses they see in movies and on the fashion runways of Paris and Milan.

Finally, sewing is a stress reducer. In this crazy world where we are bombarded by 24-hour news-- most of which is bad news-- isn’t it nice to know you can retreat to the world of sewing where you’re creating something new and good? Sewing can be peaceful and comforting in many ways, bringing joy to all those involved from creating items to giving them as gifts and receiving them, too.

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May 22, 2017 1 tags (show)

Fresh Fabrics: A Brief Guide to the Most Summer-Friendly Cloth Choices

The seasons are changing, which means it’s time to update our wardrobes. If you’re having a hard time finding trendy, affordable pieces at your usual haunts, it might be time to try another method. Instead of shopping, why not try your hand at crafting a few items of clothing that you can show off this summer? Let’s take a look at some of the best fabrics for different summertime occasions.

Summertime Events

If you’re on the lookout for something to wear to an event – and who doesn’t have a few bridal showers or family outings planned this summer? – you might want something a little dressier. Check out our satin, sequins and specialty laces for all your party-dress needs.

You don’t just have to stick to the basics, though. If you’re good with a sewing machine, you might want to craft something elegant with a lighter fabric like cotton or even seersucker. These and other breathable fabrics might be preferable for summertime events, especially if they’ll be outdoors.

At the Beach

To update your beachwear without breaking the bank, create some new cover-ups or sarongs. Since the DIY level is pretty easy when it comes to a sarong – largely all you have to do is make sure the fabric is cut to the right length – this is a great project for people of all skill levels. Go with something with a little more give, like spandex nylon, that won’t lose its shape entirely when it gets wet.


For casual day-to-day wear, consider trimming last year’s summer tops and dresses with some of our specialty lace or organza. If you’re sick of last year’s outfits, but don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe, adding trims and updating buttons can go a long way to revolutionize your look.

For more info, and to check out all the fabrics we have available for your crafting needs this summer, come by Fabrictopia in Houston at 6959 Harwin Drive today or call us at 713-977-0747.




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May 18, 2017

A History of Spandex: How this Versatile, Stretchy Material Came to Be

Next time you slip into your most comfortable pair of leggings, think of Dr. Joseph Shivers – the man who invented spandex.

According to Greatist, Shivers started out his career as a chemist at DuPont, where one of his projects was to find a better alternative for women’s girdles. In the early 1900s, women’s girdles were actually made from rubber – yep, the same stuff that’s used to make shoes and tires. Obviously, rubber girdles weren’t comfortable to wear, but women didn’t have any other options available to them. On top of this, as modern factories and manufacturing ramped up – not to mention the Second World War – rubber was becoming less available. This led Shivers to his quest to create an alternative that was breathable, comfortable and more affordable and available than rubber.

Along with the help of his colleagues, Shivers created the first attempt in 1949 – an elastic fiber that they spun into tight, fitted fabrics. However, after testing this fabric, Dr. Shivers and his team realized that although it stretched easily, it didn’t return to its original shape, so it was useless when it came to slimming undergarments.

Shivers’ research then stalled, but he returned to the project five years later and created another fabric. This new material was based on his previous research, but unlike the product from half a decade earlier, this new fabric could be stretched significantly – as much as five times the original size – while retaining its original shape. This new material was called lycra by DuPont, but adopted the name “spandex” in short order – an anagram of “expands,” as notes.

This newly created fabric was the perfect solution, but came at an imperfect time – in the early ‘50s, girdles were going out of style, but fortunately swimwear and leggings were on the horizon. As the running trend took stride in to the ‘70s and yoga pants another two decades later, spandex became incredibly versatile in the style world.

 This versatility is what makes spandex still so useful in a wide range of fashion projects today. At Fabrictopia, we carry a selection of vividly colored spandex nylon fabrics that are perfect for your next DIY sewing project. Stop by our store at 6959 Harwin Drive in Houston to shop our full inventory or call us at 713-977-0747 to learn more about our available products.

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April 05, 2017

Distinctly Different: Comparing Satin and Taffeta

Prom season and wedding season are both upon us, and if you’re making your own dress, but not sure where to start, Fabrictopia is here today to help. The best place to start is to choose your material. Two of the most common, elegant choices are satin and taffeta, which may seem similar at a glance, but actually have several distinctive differences.   

Weight and Shine

Both satin and taffeta are popular choices for formalwear when it comes to DIY dresses for prom or any other special occasion, but they both offer different advantages. According to Kids Formal, the main difference between the two types of fabric comes down to the weight and the sheen.

If you choose satin to make your dress, it’ll feel smooth to the touch, almost like silk, and will have a gleam or shimmer to it that’ll reflect the light. Taffeta, by contrast, looks like satin when you first see it, but it has a more textured feel. It’s a bit stiffer, and tends to be a bit less shiny than satin.

The Right Fabric for the Right Apparel

Now that you know the difference in the look and weight of the two fabrics, the best fabric for the job also depends on what type of dress you want to make.

Since satin isn’t quite as stiff as taffeta, it’s the better choice if you’re making a form-fitting or tight dress. It’ll give you a bit of stretch, making it easier to shape to create a form-fitting pattern.

If you’re going for a full princess skirt, or a ballroom-type gown, taffeta is the better choice. Taffeta holds its volume and shape better than satin, says Leaf, which will give your dress a sturdier feel. Your skirt won’t look loose or too flowy, and it’ll keep its shape long into the evening.

At Fabrictopia, we offer both satin and taffeta fabrics in many colors and patterns, and we know we have the perfect option for you to use to make your prom or wedding dress. Come on by to our store in Houston on Harwin Drive and check out the fabrics we have available. Our talented staff can help you find the perfect material and our on-site seamstress can offer your tips and recommendations for completing your projects at home. Stop in today or call us at 713-977-0747.  

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March 02, 2017 1 tags (show)

Three Free Sewing Patterns for Spring

Are you looking forward to warmer weather and the smell of spring? After the Christmas crafting push, we’re looking forward to everything that spring has to offer. As you anxiously await the warmer weather, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on some springtime creations. Not only does working on spring apparel help you get through the cooler, darker months, but it also offers you plenty of time to relax through these projects and let your creativity seep in.

Here are a few free sewing patterns for the spring time that combine style with creativity and yet remain practical.

Easy Five Minute Skirt

Who doesn’t love a project that only takes five minutes? This is a great first-time sewing project from Angry Chicken that’s perfect to try with friends or little ones. Add your own personal creative touches like embroidery, fun patterns or luxurious spring fabrics. When making this skirt, and with Easter coming up soon, using mint rosette satin can create a vintage flair with a pastel look.

Gathered Skirt with Pockets

This is a fantastic design option – after all, who doesn’t love a skirt with pockets? This sweet, simple skirt design from Purl Soho can be made in a variety of sizes, meaning your could make matching skirts for all your daughters or to match with your best friend! Try a simple cotton/linen blend for a soft, natural look, or jazz up your style with a bright and beautiful satin.

Easter Basket

Everyone loves holiday traditions, and heading into Easter, one of the most common ideas to keep in mind is the Easter basket. This novel twist on tradition from Melly Sews allows you to make a custom fabric Easter basket in your choice of color combinations, perfect to match to each of your children’s personalities or preferences. Try combining the bright orange l’amour satin with the brick satin to create a springy and shiny look that’s sure to spread Easter cheer through your whole family.

What projects do you have planned for this spring season? Whatever you’re thinking of creating, be sure to check out Fabrictopia in Houston. We’ve got a great range of fabrics in all styles and colors, allowing you to find all the supplies you need at great prices. Speaking of great prices, now through Feb. 28, customers can enjoy our Second Anniversary Sale, with 50 percent off selected laces and 60 percent off closeout items. Stop in and shop our full selection today!

Don’t forget to share your projects with us on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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February 02, 2017 1 tags (show)

Get Pumped Up for Prom

Prom is something so exciting to look forward to, but it can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. Plus, lots of the dresses in stores are so unoriginal and overdone. That’s why here at Fabrictopia, we like to encourage our clients to try their hand at making their own prom dresses! Here are some popular trends that are hitting the prom scene now that you can incorporate into your own unique look.

Two-Piece Dresses

Jacqueline Evening Wear says that the new prom dress trend is two-piece dresses, and runways and red carpets across the world agree – crop tops with long, full skirts are in. If you’re looking for a style of dress that’s comfortable, trendy and fashion-forward, look no further. The options are endless. You can go with a pretty rosette satin version, or go all-in with sequins. Our spandex nylon fabrics are great for creating the top, too.


Another hot trend this prom season is illusion – illusion backs, that is, according to David’s Bridal. But when you make it yourself, you can truly take it to the next level. Instead of using a see-through or skin-toned mesh to create your own version of an illusion back, why not use a different type of fabric on the back of your dress? Something like organza or specialty lace mixed with another fabric, like our L’amour satin will give your dress a major wow-factor, while creating something that is totally unique.


To incorporate a little something extra into your outfit, make a matching clutch! You don’t have to create a clutch from scratch. Instead, grab an old one out of your closet and reupholster it with a shiny new fabric, like our quad sequin line. Voilà! A new purse and a new look for less than half the price or buying something new off the shelf.

No matter what your style is, Fabrictopia has the perfect fabric for you to make the prom dress of your dreams. Stop by our store in Houston today at 6959 Harwin Drive or call us at 713-977-0747 for more information.

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January 06, 2017 1 tags (show)

What’s Going to Be Hot for Spring Fashion Colors?

Although many fashionistas love the warm and cozy winter garbs they get to pull together for the season, it won’t be long before we all are wishing for spring again. Pantone must have known that our winter blues would soon be setting in because they have released their 2017 Spring Fashion Color Report. That means it is time for us crafters to hunker down and get started on some spring fashion items to be ready to show off in the springtime sun.

This year’s mix of hues give off a wave of calm with a spike of excitement. Pantone chose 10 spring colors with natural vibes – both vivid and earthy. The first color, called Niagara, is a classic denim-like blue that breathes comfort. And, when paired with Primrose Yellow – a warm, joyful yellow – it could make a beautiful top and cardigan set for spring. You could even choose to mix in white and create a floral pattern in a capri pant.

If you are seeking a brighter, more intense blue for your spring creations, Pantone’s Lapis Blue is exactly what you are looking for. Comparable to cobalt, Lapis Blue is the perfect statement color for a bold scarf or a simple spring shift dress. Tone it down with a color like Kale, a foliage-based green, to bring together a natural ocean-meets-land type of outfit. Lush Kale could also be used in accent pieces like a shawl, shoes or large brimmed hat.

Two of the subtler colors in Pantone’s collection – Pale Dogwood, a peaceful pink, and Hazelnut, an earthy nude – will both be easy to incorporate into your sewing projects for spring. Both colors could be layered in a camisole or tank top with one of Pantone’s brighter spring colors like Greenery, a flourishing yellow-green, or Pink Yarrow, a tropical pink. Try incorporating these colors into your outfits by making silk belts, organza headbands or long-sleeved, lightweight sweaters.

For another beautiful combination of bright and calm, get ready to walk out into a spring day in Flame, a theatrical red-based orange, or Island Paradise, a refreshing aqua. For an upscale occasion, create a flame A-line dress with an Island Paradise shawl and shoes to match. This intriguing color combination will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

For more ideas on how to mix and match fabrics and Pantone’s colors, visit Fabrictopia! Open Monday through Saturday in Houston, our friendly staff is ready to help turn your dreary winter into a fun sewing session for the spring. Learn more by stopping in to see us on Harwin Drive today or call us at 713-977-0747.

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December 23, 2016 1 tags (show)